This is the year

By Don Tapscott via   Article

Big Idea 2015: Make This the Year You Finally Launch Your Own Startup

“The best thing I ever did in my professional life was to become an entrepreneur. It was tough, but it worked out well …. Here’s my advice to you.

  1. Create a business with customers. This may sound silly but so many startups are focused on getting traffic to their site, going viral or getting traffic to their website. Peter Drucker said years ago: ‘The purpose of any business should be to create a customer.’ Create some value that a customer would want to pay you for. …
  2. Don’t seek venture capital. … The best is to have a product or service that generates initial revenue so you don’t have to borrow money or give away equity. Or get a loan or small investment from your family or friends.
  3. Consider crowdfunding. … Since 2009, Kickstarter has channeled more than US $815 million to nearly 50,000 projects. …
  4. Consider being a social entrepreneur. …
  5. The Internet enables startups to focus on what you do best. Partner to do the rest. …
  6. Don’t give up. From my experience, the conventional wisdom is correct — not banal. … ‘Success is 90 percent perspiration and 10 percent inspiration.’ Or as Winston Churchill said, ‘If you’re going through Hell, keep going.'”

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