7 Ways to Fail Better

By Peter Economy via inc.com/peter-economy/   Article

7 Ways to Fail Better (and Succeed Sooner)

“One of the best ways for companies to keep up with fast-changing markets is to experiment more often, and then to evaluate the results, learn from them, and experiment again. Making a series of small bets is the best way to come up with big results. However, the more you experiment, the more mistakes and outright failures you’re going to encounter. … You’ve got to fail faster–and better. … Here are some tips … to do just that. …

2. Be supportive

The members of your team will be much more willing to risk failure if you encourage them to make courageous decisions with uncertain conclusions, instead of punishing them (which, unfortunately, many bosses still do).

3. Talk about failures

To learn from failures, you have to admit them, analyze them, and then openly discuss them with your team. And not just at the end of a project, but also at regular intervals throughout it.

4. Be courageous and honest

Failing better means being honest and forthright about mistakes that you or the people on your team make. When you cover up mistakes or soft pedal them, then you can’t learn everything you possibly can from them. This takes courage, so be brave. …

7. Build resilience

You can’t let failure slow you down–the faster you fail, learn lessons, and experiment again, the faster you’ll find the solutions you are looking for. Practice failing fast–and then bouncing back just as quickly to try again.”


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