Who get hired

By Liz Ryan via forbes.com   Article

The Truth About Who Gets Hired

“I used to be a Human Resources person. I ran Human Resources departments in the startup world and the Fortune 500 world, too. I hired thousands of people, and I noticed one glaring truth about who gets hired.

It doesn’t have to do with the job-seeker’s resume, clothes, age, nationality, price tag, patter, track record or educational credentials.

The people who got hired were people who came to the match-making process to learn more, not to please anyone. The people who got hired were people who were intellectually curious. They brought thoughtful questions to their job interviews. They didn’t ask ‘Look how smart I am, Teacher!’ questions to show us how carefully they’d researched our organization. …

When you approach a job search not to impress or please or get a gold star from the hiring manager but sincerely to understand the opportunity and decide whether it works for you, you are much more likely to be hired. When you come on bended knee to bow and scrape and please everyone you meet, you fall out of your body. People can’t tell who you are. You’re playing the part of Good Little Sheepie Job Seeker then.

Candidates who handle a job interview that way are likely to be forgotten altogether. I have seen that happen many times. The manager says ‘Cynthia Jones – did I meet her?’ The manager can’t remember poor Cynthia because she virtually disappeared during her interview. She made no impression whatsoever. She spent all of her emotional energy trying to convince the hiring manager that she deserved the job.”


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