Should you become a manager?

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Do You Love Meetings?

OK, so this isn’t really a fair question. I don’t think anyone really loves meetings, but if you want to manage, then you’ll have to at least be able to tolerate them. Lots of them. …

Do You Like To Teach Or Coach?

One of the best parts of being a leader is seeing your team improve and succeed—especially when you know you helped get them there. …

How Are Your Feedback Skills?

One of the most important things a manager does is provide feedback to his or her employees. And, I’m not talking about a simple ‘Thanks for your help on those TPS reports, Bob.’ I’m talking about meaningful, relevant, and timely feedback that will actually help your staffers improve and let them know you see them kicking ass and taking names. …

Does Conflict Make You Cringe?

Believe it or not, there are people out there who don’t run and hide when conflict comes to town. So, if you’re planning on becoming a manager someday, it’ll be best for everyone involved if you’re part of the former group, rather than the latter. …

Are You A Good Cop Or A Bad Cop?

… Managers still have to report to their own managers, which means sometimes decisions are made that just won’t make much sense by the time they trickle down to the team. And that’s when managers have to start playing good cop, bad cop.”


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