By Eric Barker via   Article

The underrated skill that can benefit every area of your life

2) Career

In the Harvard Business Review, Herminia Ibarra and Kent Lineback give advice on crafting a good resume.

Bullet points of achievements are lovely, yes, but the key part of a resume that has impact is the story you make it tell.

The process of putting together a resume is as valuable as the product because it entails drafting your story. Everything in the resume must point to one goal — which, of course, is the climax of the story you’re telling. [Harvard Business Review]

Here’s more on storytelling in your career.

3) Communication

Think of your recent conversations. The primary way we communicate is through stories.

Sure, facts and statistics are great. But when people hear presentations what do they remember?

The stories.

When students are asked to recall the speeches, 63 percent remember the stories. Only 5 percent remember any individual statistic. [Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die]

Here’s more on communicating memorably.”



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