Stop worrying and start worrying

By Liz Ryan via   Article

“Your job could go away tomorrow. I don’t say that to be mean. It’s true! I know, because our phone rings day and night and the people on the other end of the line say ‘I thought my job was as solid and secure as a job could be. Poof! They sold our division, and I’m out of work.

Even if your job remains stable, is your current job the best avenue to your career goals? Do you have career goals, apart from pleasing your boss and getting a good review at the end of the year? This new millennium workplace is different than the one our parents knew. We are all entrepreneurs now, no matter how we get paid. We can’t afford to merely do a tremendous job in our current role. We have to think about ourselves, about our futures and what we’d like to do a year and five years from now. We have to make our own plans, completely separate from the plans our manager may have for us.”


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