People quit bosses, not jobs

7 Ways You Can Impact Company Culture 

“So what if your boss is a nightmare, the culture is toxic and you’re about to start singing, ‘take this job and shove it’? … Well, if you love what you do, the industry you’re in, the people you work with or if there’s any other reason to have hope, then it is likely worth an attempt to make things better.

Here are seven things you can try to make a meaningful impact and turn things around:

1. Own your own role. First, take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Am I part of the problem?” … Make a list–maybe it’s longer than you thought! …

2. Use your influence to make things better. The true leaders at a company aren’t always the boss. Natural leaders set an example that people want to follow, so if that’s you, be a good one! …

3. Be open, transparent and fair. I have little patience for petty, backbiting office politics and social positioning, but it is inevitable that there will be people at a company who still behave as if they’re still in high school. … be open, transparent and fair, and people will reciprocate even if it takes them a while. …

4. Educate and train your boss. Dogs sometimes find it easy to train their owners . . . maybe we can train our bosses. …

5. Take measurements. … IThis may just be a feeling you get when you walk into the office or when you know your coworkers are coworkers. Less whining or grumbling. …

6. Talk to HR. … GGo ask questions, find out what HR thinks about culture and how it’s communicated to employees. …

7. Be patient. … great culture requires great effort and time to get just right. And frankly it’s never perfect, but we should always be working on incremental improvement.”


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