No one saw it

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No One Saw It. He’s Not Even Sure It Happened. But It Appears One Pro Golfer’s Clear Conscience Is Worth More Than $53,000 in Prize Money.

“He plays a sport dominated by exactness and a long tradition of honor and truth and rule adherence — and pro golfer Cameron Tringale found himself facing a possibility he couldn’t shake.

The Mission Viejo, California, native just bagged $53,000 in prize money for coming in 33rd place at the 2014 PGA Championship. Not a bad way to spend a few days.

But along with the cash, Tringale also had a guilty conscience.

His was a momentary, miniscule miscue — if it happened at all. He’s not even sure.

But all the same Tringale, 26, felt he may have missed a stroke when attempting to tap in the ball on the 11th hole last Sunday, noted Yahoo Sport of UK and Ireland. Thing is the possible missed stroke never made it on his scorecard — and Trinangle signed the scorecard.

So he told officials what was on his mind — knowing full well the consequences. … signing an incorrect scorecard means a disqualification — and bye bye to his prize money.”


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