How to manage up

By Dan McCarthy via   Article

“1. Find out what’s important to your boss. … A lot of managers won’t come out and tell you – so don’t try to guess or wait and learn the hard way – proactively ask! …

2. Let your boss know what’s important to you. … Give them the “you owner’s manual”. …

3. Deliver on results and make your boss look good. This is by far the number one way to manage up – don’t give your boss any reason to need to “manage” you. …

4. Respond promptly to all emails, requests for information, etc… As a manager, it made me CRAZY when I would ask for something from my employees and the same ones would always seem to “forget” or “be too busy” to respond. …

5. Establish trust. Let your boss know that you can be trusted to watch their back and that you trust them to do the same for you. …

6. Reinforce desired behavior. If your boss does something that meets your needs (because they are attempting to follow “the book of you”), then let them know how much you appreciate it. …

7. Let your boss know about anything that could possibly come back and bite them. Don’t let your boss hear about a problem or sensitive issue before they hear about it from you. Give them an early warning “heads up”, and if you made a mistake, own up to it.

8. Proactively address anything that really bothers you. Don’t let it fester. Your boss may not even have a clue. If something’s that important to you, then be assertive and discuss it with your boss in a respectful, constructive way.

9. If you bring a problem to your boss, always have a recommended solution. Yes, while it may be a tired cliché, it’s still true.

10. Talk about your boss behind their backs. That is, be supportive of your boss in front of others, especially your bosses’ boss. When you talk about someone behind their backs, it usually gets back to them.”


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