Employees are a bad idea

By  via inc.com/chuck-blakeman   Article

Why You Should Hire Stakeholders, Not Employees 

“Stakeholders bring the whole, messy, creative person to work. They can think, take initiative, make decisions, carry responsibility, take ownership, be creative, and solve problems. And they incessantly ask the most human of questions, “Why?” They are self-directed and creative, and they solve problems. They don’t expect the company or other adults to take care of them.

Stakeholders Are Owners
Ownership is the most powerful motivator in business. Adults own stuff. Even if they don’t own a piece of the company, Stakeholders own their work. And as Stakeholders, they receive profit sharing, just like an owner should. To create ownership, Stakeholders in Participation Age companies own some of the fruit of their labor.

Stakeholders Require Leadership, Not Adult Supervision (Management)
If you hire adult Stakeholders instead of childlike employees, it changes the way you lead people. Participation Age companieswith Stakeholders don’t have office hours, vacation time, or personal days. They’re not interested in whose car was in the parking lot first or who left last. In these companies, Stakeholders don’t need adult supervision, they need leadership.

Stakeholders Make Meaning and Money At Work, and More of Both
Industrial Age employees traded time for money, and then went home to Make Meaning. Stakeholders won’t settle for a j-o-b that just pays the bills. They want to be able to go home at the end of the day knowing they made a difference, not just a product. And everyone is a lot happier because they all work with adults who contribute and pull their own weight.

In the Participation Age, employees are always a bad idea. Stakeholders will replace them. There is a growing wave of companies looking to replace employees with Stakeholders. Don’t settle. Find one you can join, or build one yourself.”


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