Test Your Trust

By  via inc.com   Article

3 Questions to Test Your Trust

Trust is not spoken, it is demonstrated. Trust cannot be requested, it must be earned.

Trust is the wheel that makes relationships go ’round. Losing trust is not just like getting a flat tire.  Actually, it’s like losing the whole wheel!  So, you need to earn and nurture your team’s trust every day.  Your team will respond positively because a trusting team:

  • Is more open to change
  • Delivers better service
  • Focuses on finding win-win solutions
  • Has lower turnover
  • Shares unfiltered information to help the team be successful
  • Quickly forgives their leader if he/she makes a mistake.

Trust is also complex. There are complete books dedicated to trust that do not even address all of its facets. So, let’s boil it down to this simple Trust Test:

  1. Do you serve your team’s best interests?
    (Not your own interests)
  2. Do you communicate all the information they need to be successful?
    (Don’t make assumptions about what you think t’hey can handle’. Leaders who underestimate the intelligence of their teams generally overestimate their own.)
  3. Do you keep your commitments?
    (Leaders must watch their words because even a casual comment can be interpreted as a commitment.)”



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