Stop marketing to yourself

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4 Ways to Stop Marketing to Yourself (Hint: It’s About Empathy) 

“We’ve all had those frustrating arguments that leave us shaking our heads. You know the ones: Every single point you make is obviously common sense, yet the person you’re talking to simply can’t embrace your position.

The problem in this dynamic is simple. Most times, people see things from their own vantage point, rather than understanding the perspective of those people they are trying to persuade and working to construct the types of arguments they can easily embrace.

Here’s the thing: The one trait that I believe matters above all else is empathy.

The textbook definition of empathy is, simply, “the ability to understand and share the thoughts and feelings of another.” This power to transcend your own perspective and instead understand the perspective of someone else puts you at an advantage–and that is especially important when it comes to successful marketing.

This shouldn’t be a surprise. Whether dealing with family, co-workers, or customers, understanding where others are coming from is the most effective way to clear a path toward your own goals.

As an advertiser, the one person who is not your target audience is you. People don’t want to hear about how great your brand is; they essentially just want to feel that you get them and what’s most important in their world. To figure this out, you have to get inside their hearts and their heads and communicate with them where they live–not where you live. Though we all have an innate capacity for empathy, it takes effort to put into practice.”


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