Individuals as disruptors

By Trish Gorman via   Article

Let Clay Christensen, The New Yorker Argue About Disruption — Here’s How It Really Works

“The concept of disruption is explosive, and so are the disruptors — the individuals who drive dramatic changes in an organization.

Disruptors are both difficult and wonderful to work with. They are, to put it bluntly, blowing things up within an organization. They challenge established patterns of behavior. Their ideas may cause a business to shift the vision it communicates to employees and customers, or to walk away from projects that once received significant investment.

Yet all disruptors are not created equal. They may be more conceptual or concrete in their thinking; their areas of expertise may be narrow or broad. Each type brings their own strengths and weaknesses. To get anything innovative done, you need a team that combines different types who can work together, communicate effectively and leverage each other’s strengths.”


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