Advice you should run away from

By Dan McCarthy via   Article

Bad Leadership & Management Advice You Should Run Away From

1. “Ignore your weaknesses and leverage your strengths.” … Ignoring a critical leadership weakness is a surefire path to leadership derailment.

2. “You need to know more than anyone who works under you.” … Believing that you could possibly know more than the sum of everyone who works for you is arrogance at its worst!

3. “It’s OK to be friends with your employees.” You can be friendly with your employees, but when you are in a position that requires you to objectively hire, promote, rewards, or discipline, the relationship needs to change. …

4. If you can’t measure it, then you can’t manage it.” This is bull – in fact, most of what we do at work can’t and shouldn’t be measured. …

5. “Don’t pay attention to criticism; it’s not your job to make everyone happy.” Managers who turn a deaf ear to constructive feedback or dissent will miss opportunities to improve, solve problems, or build coalitions for change.

6. “Leaders are born and not made.” Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, I still hear this myths perpetuated ….

7. “The best way to learn leadership is from successful business CEOs”. … Steve Jobs was a visionary and incredibly successful businessman, but there are plenty of people who characterize him as one of the world’s worst leaders. …

8.  “No news is good news.” … Not hearing about it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist – it just means you have your head in the sand.

9. “You need to pull up their sleeves, pitch in and get your hands dirty.” … When they do, they do it at the expense of the unique and critical work that they should be doing as a manager, undermine their employee’s work, and end up micromanaging.

10. “First in, last out.” Meaning, you need to be the first one to work and the last to leave. Managers that work insanely long hours on a consistent basis are candidates for burn-out. …”


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