Without a title

By Joel Lee via makeuseof.com   Article

3 Ways You Can Contribute & Be A Leader Without A Title

“Invest In the Bigger Picture

The most important step that any leader can take is a shift in mentality. The ‘self mindset’ must be replaced with a ‘group mindset.’ … the ‘group mindset’ recognizes that the group is a real entity with a life and purpose of its own. It’s the change that occurs when you stop asking ‘What can the group do for me?’ and start asking ‘How can we progress together?’ It’s about investing in the group and the people within it. …

Encourage and Build Up Others

Morale is a necessary component of any healthy group. Once morale begins to fall, members start to demand more from each other and become less forgiving of mistakes. They lose faith in the group and the mission, ultimately turning inward and losing their sense of investment in the whole. … Think back to any time you’ve been encouraged and uplifted. It felt good, didn’t it? Brought up your morale? Made you more likely to be positive? It only makes sense that a group would have higher morale if the members regularly encouraged one another. (Be honest and constructive! Empty compliments will backfire.)

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

A good leader is always prepared. One way to keep yourself prepared in all circumstances is to practice proactivity. With a bit of foresight, you can see what the near future will look like and plan accordingly. … Quell interpersonal tension. It’s always better to nip an issue in the bud than wait for it to fester and explode, particularly when it comes to social relationships. For example, if you spot some tension brewing between coworkers (or friends), don’t wait until it becomes a real problem before you start seeking solutions.”


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