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3 Reasons Whistleblowers Are Your Company’s Best Friends 

Whistleblowers get bad press. Presented as cranky, disturbed individuals bearing a grudge, they’re easily demonized and excluded. But in March, the U.S. Supreme Court decided that the whistleblower protection afforded by Sarbanes-Oxley now applies to employees of contractors and subcontractors of publicly traded companies. … At a stroke, the legislation went from covering 5,000 public companies to affecting six million private ones. …

1. Whistleblowers don’t want to go public. Most whistleblowers are among your most dedicated employees. They’re generally loyal, dedicated, and committed to the higher mission your organization serves. … they don’t start out wanting their grievances to be publicized; they want them to be fixed. …

2. Whistleblowers are your best early-warning system. Treated appropriately, whistleblowers can alert you to problems early–when it’s cheap and easy to fix them. …

3. Whistleblowers need a safe space to speak. … the overwhelming majority of employees who have issues and concerns at work will not speak up. They could, they should, but they won’t …. That means every company needs to put in place processes that make it safe and easy for individuals to articulate their concerns. …

One of the single hardest parts of running a company is knowing what’s going on. Given that most people see speaking up as a risk, it’s rare that anyone takes that risk without good reason. Treated properly, whistleblowers could be your new best friends.”


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