The bar test

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This Advice From IDEO’s Nicole Kahn Will Transform the Way You Give Presentations


Run the Bar Test

‘Bars are friendly, social places, sure, but something really important happens when you’re at a bar,’ says Kahn. ‘You use really direct language. You make sure that what you’re saying is entertaining and engaging. You don’t quote tons of data. You don’t use overly corporate language — except maybe in air quotes.”’

These experiences show that we all have an innate sense of what makes a good story, but we tend to forget it at work. So, how would you give your presentation at a bar? What if you only had the backs of napkins for graphics? How would that change the way you related information? …


Less Words, More Visuals

Even IDEO relies on Keynote slides to present projects. And while there are hundreds if not thousands of guides about how to construct compelling presentation decks, Kahn says there’s really only one rule you need to remember: Visuals have power.

‘It seems obvious, but it’s actually really hard to execute and takes a lot of restraint,’ she says. ‘But there’s very important reasoning behind it: When you have visuals on the screen and not a lot of words, you make people dependent on you as the presenter to know what’s going on. You have the authority in the room. The slides do not.'”


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