Situation over facts

By Rochelle Bailis via   Article

5 Cognitive Biases That Affect Your Work Success

“… our brain (being oh-so-human) has many foibles. One such flaw is our tendency toward cognitive biases, in which our perception of a situation (rather than the facts behind it) shapes our daily decisions. …

1. Confirmation Bias

.. Confirmation bias is simply the tendency to favor your own hypothesis and selectively seek, remember and point to information that supports your own belief. …

2. The Bandwagon Effect

… states that the more people do or believe something, the likelier others are to join them, in spite of any contrary evidence. …

3. Negativity Bias

… Studies show that people are more likely to be affected by negative memories and feelings than pleasant ones, and this tendency leads to a huge negativity bias. …

4. Functional Fixedness

No matter how imaginative we are, it’s very difficult for us to see past the original or obvious use of things. …

5. Projection Bias

Finally, the projection bias describes our tendency to assume that other people think like us.”


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