Shadow Jumper

By Elio Qoshi  via   Article

Jumping over Your Own Shadow

“I like the comfort zone.

But you know the problem with comfort zones? After some time they become smaller and smaller until you’re squished by them.

Don’t make that mistake. Do something you normally wouldn’t do for fear of looking like an idiot. Be that idiot. You’ll be fine. And moreover, you will probably meet some great people in the process. That wouldn’t happen if you play by the rules.

I used to brainstorm with a good friend of mine, Murti Schofield, when he was looking for names for some characters in his fantasy book saga. In short, these characters would be some sort of ‘knights’ who would fight against evil demons. The whole story was basically dependent on them. I suggested him to call those knights ‘Shadow Jumpers’.


In German, there is a saying: ‘Jump over your own shadow’ (Springe über deinen eigenen Schatten). The only way to defeat these demons would be to get over your own fears ( remember the dementors from Harry Potter?! JKR did a good job with that).

Murti loved the name.

Are you a Shadow Jumper yet?”



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