Not buying what you’re selling

By  Tara Gentile via   Article

A Millenial’s Version of “The American Dream”

“The next generation of consumers isn’t buying what you’re selling. We’re just not that into cars. And we’re just not that into houses, either. We’re really not into a lot of new stuff in general. …

For much of the 20th century, B-to-C businesses sold the American Dream piece by piece. Whether it was the house, the appliances in it, or the chemicals to make yours the greenest lawn in your suburban neighborhood, the market was vast for products and services that could show the world that you’ve ‘made it.’

Now the stuff people buy doesn’t matter nearly as much as their ability to produce it, design it, write it, or create it. It’s a whole different kind of ‘making it.’

Millennial values are turning the consumer market into a creator market. They want to create choice where there was none before, create legacy where there were only retirement parties, and create connection where before there were roadblocks to relationships. The products and services making this easier will be the killer apps of the future. …

Millennials may be interested less in owning today, but when they do buy, they’re looking for meaning. Old product categories get new life when your company infuses them with meaning. A fresh design, a new message, or a better understanding of how people use your product can lead to an innovation of meaning that boosts sales of your product.

Millennials will continue to shape the consumer market for decades to come. If your company isn’t staying ahead of their consumer values, you’ll be left out in the cold.”


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