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5 Steps to a Life-Changing Culture of Thanks

“Sure, your people need to be paid for their labor, but that’s not what drives their performance. People want to know that you both notice and care about their contributions and them as people. …

1. Praise Publicly (Most of the Time)

… Keep in mind, however, that some employees prefer to stay out of the spotlight and not be recognized in front of their colleagues. …

2. Speak From Your Heart

… Avoid false praise because your people will see right through your insincerity, and that will marginalize the recognition. …

3. Be Specific

… Instead of, “Thanks for the fabulous job you’re doing!” go with, “I see that you exceeded your sales goal by 40 percent Congratulations!”

4. Tailor the Reward

… Avoid projecting what you think is relevant; instead, do your best to find out what really drives your employees.

5. Don’t Wait

reward employees as soon after their accomplishment as possible. Doing so not only shows your people that you’re paying attention to everything that’s going on in the company but also that you truly care.”


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