Why soccer = real life

By David Sneed via http://www.cobizmag.com/   Article

But do you know why soccer is the world’s most popular game? It’s because it represents human aspirations, and the original American ideal of working together; the understanding that a whole can be greater than the sum of its parts.

Soccer requires hard work and complete same-pagedness by all of the players, all the time. The guys who score goals in a game are always the ones who work the hardest and run the farthest with the greatest team-cohesion supporting them. …

Soccer has superstars for sure, but every one of them has been benched for not following the rules. Each of them has been punished for failing to fit the team ethos. And they learned. They are superstars, but they only play on Sunday if they embrace the team culture. …

The words used by sportscasters tell the real tale of success in soccer. Players are lauded for their work rate; and even if he doesn’t score, a player’s industry is remarked upon. His fitness is praised. So is his attitude.  Creativity; Initiative; Determination: All the traits of a good work ethic are discussed more than a player’s skill or individual talent.

And unless you get hurt you’re playing the entire game. No breaks, no resting, no time to regain your composure: you run for 90 minutes.

American sports aren’t even close to that level of work rate. NFL wide receivers know when they won’t be getting the ball so they run three-quarter speed and play only half the game. NBA centers can be on a winning team even if they never make it past half court. When they get tired they come out for a spell. …

In real life, only the rare person succeeds without a good work ethic. Only the lucky man gets to the top without running full speed. And no matter how good you are, no matter how hard you work, you might well reach the end of the game without scoring at all. Real life is scary like that.”


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