Getting your boss to love you

By Eric Barker via   Article

The art and science of getting your boss to love you

“If your boss is happy with you, everybody will be happy. If your boss isn’t happy with you, I don’t care what else you’re doing, you’re going to have trouble. … Here’s how to become great in your boss’s eyes:

1) Take 100 percent responsibility for the relationship

… If there’s a problem between you two, you need to fix it. Always. …

2) Have regular interaction

You can’t impress people who don’t know what you do all day. …

3) Find out what your boss cares about — and do that

Don’t do what you think is important, do what they think is important. …

4) Make your accomplishments known

5) Make your boss look good

6) Make your boss’s life easier

This is your real job description. …

7) Manage expectations

8) Have things in common with your boss

This is just human nature: We all like people who are similar to us. …

9) No surprises

Not knowing what is going on is lethal to a person in a position of power. …

10) Complain… twice a year

… If you’ve done all the other things on this list for 6 months to a year, a good boss will be eager to help you with problems.”



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