How not to choose a manager

By Dr. Marla G. via   Article

“Vision is dandy, but sustainable company excellence comes from a huge stable of able managers.”

— Tom Peters

“If we gather all of the strategies to build happier, engaged workplaces, I’m nearly certain that managers remain our single best opportunity. When we take a broad view of the information before us, including classic leadership research, it is remarkable how simple the solutions may be. We may not possess all of the answers for every situation or organization — however, we can begin by identifying what not to do:

  • Assume they want the job. This is our first mistake — and it’s key. Often, the single most critical question is never fully considered: Do you truly want to manage others at this juncture in your career? …
  • Base the decision on tenure alone. Time alone will not a manager make. … Have you heard the saying “People don’t leave companies, they leave managers”? Well, it’s absolutely true.
  • Overestimate the role of deep technical experience. … what we need from our managers is not always related to deep technical knowledge. What sets apart effective managers is the orientation they have toward their staff. …
  • Believe it’s the only path to compensate top talent. We all know that money isn’t the only answer to retain exceptional employees — and neither is becoming a manager. Yes, managers can earn a higher salary, but that’s not a viable reason to promote someone into a managerial role. …
  • Believe it’s simply the “next step.” It seems that in some cases, the Peter Principlestill lives. …
  • Leave them “high and dry.” The role of manager should be taken seriously, with a fresh look at training, ongoing direction and feedback. (See an example of managerial feedback at Google here.)”

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