Personality “thorns”

By Tom Brunner via   Article

10 Character Flaws That Can Derail Even Good People

“… personality thorns are particularly likely to derail someone. … 10 derailers that seem to not just irritate others, but stifle the personal and professional maturity process. …:

Enviousness You are not truly happy for others success, and you work too hard to “keep up” with others on a material level.

Defensiveness Defensiveness toward being corrected or criticized. Generally hypersensitive people don’t mature, they just grow old.

Aloofness If you come off as cold/distant, you will not be trusted or influential.

Volatility Overly emotional people are attention hogs, and focus on themselves, not on the reality around them.

Eccentricity Eccentrics are funny in the moment, but when building a team may lack the ability tone down their eccentricity to build rapport. …

Entitlement You believe you deserve everything you want. A rampant epidemic attitude in our society.

Unreliable Character You are unpredictable, and not trusted or confided in.

Eagerness to Please You are more of a pleaser than an honest communicator. But your displeasure with things builds up and explodes at times.

Morally Scrupulous You find fault with even small misbehavior. No one meets every one of your rules. Your best friend is yourself.

Making Destructive Comments Needless sarcasm and cutting remarks erode any rapport you may have built up. Your relationships never ‘run deeper’.”


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