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Why I’m not calling myself an entrepreneur (for now)

“Regardless of the country or industry you work in, the word entrepreneur isn’t very descriptive –it can be attributed to someone who built a crappy mobile app or someone who has built a Fortune 100 company – and is therefore not something you want to introduce yourself as at a cocktail party.

What’s really entrepreneurial?

So let’s lay down a few ground rules for activities that are and are not entrepreneurial:

Activities that are entrepreneurial include:

  • Building a profitable company from scratch
  • Taking your company public
  • Solving a problem with an innovative solution that affects millions of people
  • Repaying a business loan from your new business’s profits
  • Buying 550 acres of jungle and turning it into a sustainable village

Activities that are NOT entrepreneurial include:

  • Working in software
  • Working in media (unless you’ve started a media empire)
  • Borrowing money from your rich friends to start a company
  • Speaking at conferences
  • Hiring a mobile development company to build your app

… It is high time we give the word entrepreneur the respect it deserves …. It is a word that is earned.”


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