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Want people to like you? Use mirroring

“Mirroring is the behavior in which someone copies another person, while in social interaction with them. … Pay attention to their subtle movements and copy it in an appropriate way. If you see someone smiling a lot in conversation, try smiling back to show him or her you are on the same page. Making a person feel comfortable is one of the key steps in developing a rapport with anyone Here are some cues to look for to use ‘mirroring’ effectively:

  • People with their arms crossed are generally less comfortable and more closed off.
  • Stiff posture shows rigidity and discomfort. …
  • … Looking away from someone means you are disinterested.  Looking directly into their eyes for an extended period of time is bad. Maintain steady eye contact and look away when appropriate.
  • Someone who leans forward is eager or attentive and is looking for something. This can be a useful relationship building tactic.
  • The position of people’s feet or knees shows where their minds are. If they are pointed towards the door or exit, they are looking to leave; however, if they are pointed at you, they are engaged.
  • Watch how quickly you’re talking. … Too fast is excitable and can potentially seem overbearing, so make sure to speak at a comfortable pace.

When someone is angry, you’ll want to control the tone and speed of the conversation by speaking slowly. It’ll help alleviate the tense situation.”


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