Your compass

By Josephson Institute via   Article

Nine Rules for Making Good Decisions

“1. Never forget that you are responsible for your words, actions and attitudes — and their consequences.

2. Avoid unintended consequences by carefully considering how your decisions could affect each stakeholder. Consult key stakeholders whenever possible.

3. Make every decision so that if it became public, you could reconcile it with your ethical obligations.

4. Remember that everything you say and do sends a message. Ask yourself: What message am I sending?

5. Never underestimate the importance of facts. Evaluate the credibility of evidence and consider how “facts” might be skewed or misconstrued because of personal perceptions (including your own). Do your best to distinguish facts from opinions, speculation and conjecture.

6. When you are tired, frustrated or stressed, be careful to guard against impulses that could lead to regrettable decisions.

7. Give special care and consideration to choices that could result in physical harm, emotional pain, damaged reputations or obstruction of long-term goals.

8. Be cautious, but decisive. Make decisions when they need to be made.

9. Communicate your decisions promptly and respectfully once you’ve made them. Be open about your motives and how you arrived at your choices.”



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