Absolutely stunned to read

By Mike Myatt via http://www.n2growth.com   Article

Why Your CEO Just Doesn’t Get It

“I was absolutely stunned to read the results of a survey published in the January/February 2014 edition of Chief Executive in which respondents (sitting CEOs) ranked the top 10 skills needed for effective leadership.  Following are the results in descending order of importance:

  1. Adaptability to change — 60%
  2. Strategic thinking — 55%
  3. Integrity — 48%
  4. Very good communicator — 40%
  5. Being trustworthy and open — 38%
  6. Vision — 35%
  7. Develops and fosters diverse teams — 33%
  8. Delegation — 28%
  9. A positive mind-set — 26%
  10. High self-awareness — 26%

… How does it make you feel knowing that many sitting CEOs don’t place much value on integrity, on being trustworthy and open, or on team building? … Even more revealing is that the value placed on integrity, trustworthiness and transparency by respondent CEOs went down when compared to the 2013 survey results. …

While often misunderstood and/or overcomplicated, at its essence, leadership is little more than a study in human behavior. Great leadership understands how to align people around a higher purpose and shared values to deliver on a clearly articulated and well-understood vision. They value people more than process, change more than status quo, and simplicity over complexity.”


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