Stop believing you’re a unicorn

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A Wake-Up Call: Why You’re Just Mediocre and What to Do About It

“Our parents were well-intentioned, I’m sure. As they bubble-wrapped and sugarcoated us, they thought they were doing us a favor. ‘You’re so special,’ they’d say, plucking our cheeks like they were made of memory foam. ‘You’re mommy’s little angel.’

Our parents trumpeted ourskills with fanfare and celebration. ‘Look, little Johnny hit the baseball!’ Society whipped on an extra helping of praise with gold stars every time we used the potty and allowances every week we remembered to make the bed. … ‘Special’ was never really special to us. Special was always average. It’s no wonder we now think we’re doing our best when we’re only being mediocre.

But mediocrity in the real world doesn’t amount to much — especially when it comes to entrepreneurship. It takes passion, persistence and eternal optimism to be truly special. So if you want to succeed

Step 1: Take pats on the back at face value

Step 2: Stop obsessing with “fun”

Step 3: Rest on persistence

So stop believing you’re a unicorn and actually become one. … Work hard. Be special. Inspire others to join you on your mission. Rinse and repeat. Forge through the ugly. There’s only so much room at the top, and I guarantee you there are no spots for puny ponies.”



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