Leaders must …

By John Keyser via http://smartblogs.com   Article

Restoring corporate trust: Why we must try

Can corporations regain the trust and loyalty of its people?

They certainly should try. … it will be challenging, and it will require exceptional leadership. I am here to tell you that it is possible. … companies need servant leaders, women and men who not only drive for results, they put equal focus on their people and organizational culture. People need a sense of purpose and meaning in their work along with a paycheck. …

How is this done?

The leaders of great companies have to free themselves up, get off their floors, get out of the endless flow of meetings and treat their team members as internal clients — showing they genuinely care about them and want to help them learn, grow and advance in their careers.

Their team members want to be successful, as we all do. Help them. Ask for their ideas and advice. What can we do to better serve our customers? To improve how we work? What would help morale? What do you need and want from me? What advice do you have for me?

And we must listen attentively to understand and learn. Leadership must earn relationships with the people doing the work of their companies. They can only do that with conversations, not e-mails and newsletters.

It is practically essential to have diversified leadership. Women are generally more conversational than men, and they value relationships and tend to be all about the team, not themselves.”


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