The average number of legs

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Are You Above Average?

Averages guide us every day.

But they hide as much as they show

If you were born in Switzerland, then on the day of your birth you had an average life expectancy of 83 years. If however you were unlucky enough to be born in Afghanistan the chances were you would only make it to 60.  People die younger in Afghanistan… but not 20 years younger.  1 in 5 Afghan children dies before their 5th birthday.  If they make it past that, then the Afghans give the Swiss a good run for their money. …

Not all averages are politically acceptable – half of the UK population is below average intelligence(that sounds so much worse when applied to school children). Now the question isn’t are you below average, but how far?

And if the last statistic made you feel uncomfortable the average number of legs a US adult has is about 1.9975. Chances are you outclass the average American — if only in one way.

So never take an average at face value

Look at the variation as well.”

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