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Never Mind the Predictions: What Did We Learn?

1. What goes up, will go down.

… In 2013, gold prices declined 28 percent.

2. What goes down, will go up.

home prices have headed steadily upward since 2012. …

3. Looking for bubbles isn’t an investment strategy.

… The reality is that trying to spot bubbles to guide our investing decisions doesn’t work. …

4. Past performance doesn’t predict future results.

… The only thing we know now is that the markets had a great year — that’s it.

5. Buying high and selling low still doesn’t make sense.

there is a temptation to think that now is the time to shift more of our portfolios into stocks. … Resist the temptation to buy high

6. Crises come and go.

did the world come to an end on Oct. 1? After all, the United States government closed up shop for 17 days.”

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