7 Signs You’re Not Entrepreneur Material

By  via http://www.inc.com/jeff-haden/   Article

“Your workday must include a chunk of “me” time.

… Start spending all your “free” time thinking about how you’ll make money. …

You spend time personalizing your office.

you’ll be too busy chasing customers to worry about whether your office aligns with your personal brand.

You don’t empty your own trash, even when you’re headed that way.

… Entrepreneurs, especially early on, don’t wear several hats—they wear every hat. …

You feel you could be a lot more productive if you just had that new…

… I’ve never heard an entrepreneur say, ‘Jeez, we were really struggling to make a profit until I bought the new iPad—then our revenues took off!’ ..

You’re still mad your department got shorted during the last budget cycle.

… If you hate struggling with limited resources … you’ll also hate running your own business when you realize bootstrap is a verb.

You discuss work-life balance issues with passion and intelligence.

… ‘Work’ will eat ‘life’ for breakfast.

You’ve ever said, even once, “I’ve paid my dues.”

… You pay your dues when customers pay you.”



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