Set extremely short deadlines

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The Surprising Reason to Set Extremely Short Deadlines

“… the research of organizational psychologists. Work, they say, is “elastic,” meaning that it stretches and shrinks to fit the time allotted. This has fascinating outcomes in meetings: Northwestern management professor and Creative Conspiracy author Leigh Thompson has told us about how people get the most value out of their meetings in the first portion: as in you’ll be getting as equivalent quality of ideas in a 20-minute meeting as you would in a two-hour one.

There’s even a law for this: Parkinson’s Law–work expands to fill the time available for its completion–which originated in an impressively grumpy Economist column from 1955. …  the outcoume of Parkinson’s law is that if you give yourself a week to work on a two-hour task, then the task with grow in complexity as to fill that week–perhaps not with more work, but more anxiety about the work.”



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