Forget About Being the Best

By Dan Rockwell via   Article

“Strategy is not about being the best, but about being unique.” Jerome De Flander, author of, The Execution Shortcut.

“Unique value is the best.

Finding unique:

  1. Look for the one word that best describes your unique value.
  2. Ask new customers for the best word that describes their experience with your organization.
  3. Reject useless words like excellent. Find a unique word that describes your uniqueness.
  4. Explore provocative words that describe what you are anddefines what you hope to be.
  5. Courageously choose a compelling word. The Zappos word is happiness.

In the process of searching for your word, tell everyone that one word will guide your business. You’ll be asking everyone, “What are we doing to produce ______?” (Insert your word.)

  1. Evaluations will center on, “How are you creating _____.”
  2. Planning meetings will be about producing _____.”
  3. Training will enable employees to generate _____.”

Executing your word:

If your word is happiness, ask every team, manager, leader, and employee, “What can we do that produces happiness.”

Maybe you’re word is inspiring. What is inspiration? How can you create inspiring experiences?”


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