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The Demons of Management – 

“Dogmatism ~ an unquestioning belief in our own “rightness”

Instead of questioning our own beliefs we plough on regardless.  The more senior we are the more dogmatic we become …

Vanity ~ managing the message 

Scrabbling about in a desperate attempt to look good, rather than being good. …

Self-centeredness ~ worrying about ourselves first and others later (if at all)

Building silos and fiefdoms that focus on our own needs, not those of our customers or colleagues.

Judgmentalism ~ criticising others

Holding people accountable and blaming them when something goes wrong not looking at the system that caused the issue (and just maybe our part in it).  …

Greed ~ the need for instant gratification

Knowing full well that success comes to those who wait, yet insisting on imposing short-term targets.

Ignorance ~ lack of knowledge

An inability to learn from our own mistakes, closely related to an unwillingness to admit we have made them.  …

Lethargy ~ an inability to move on

Being more worried about maintaining the status quo and holding onto what we have than creating a vision of the future.  …

There is another demon ~ hypocrisy

But of course I have never met that one.  Do as I say, not as I do.”


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