# of hyphotheses

By Tristan Kromer via http://grasshopperherder.com   Article

Lean Enterprise Anti-Pattern: The Lean Waterfall

“The Waterfall

Your enterprise probably works in a waterfall development methodology. Here is the waterfall in it’s grandeur:

Since at least 2001 when the Agile Manifesto was created, pretty much everyone decided that waterfalls are a great way to create bad software that no one wants.  …

Enter Customer Development (and Lean)

The great insight of Steve Blank and Eric Ries was that for most new products, the definition of value was unknown. The software engineer doesn’t know, the Product Manager doesn’t know, sometimes the customer doesn’t know!

In the case of extreme uncertainty, where the the definition of value is unknown, any activity that does not focus on learning to identify true value for the customer is wasteful. So the primary function of a startup is to discover a sustainable (and scalable) business model, and the unit of progress is the # of hypotheses validated or invalidated.”


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