Employees leave for one of two reasons

By Ruth Malloy via http://www.linkedin.com   Article

Emotional Intelligence and a Loyal, Motivated Staff

“… employees generally leave a company for one of two reasons:

1. their immediate manager, or

2. the lack of opportunity to develop and grow.

Leaders need both Emotional Intelligence (which includes qualities of self awareness and managing oneself) as well as Social Intelligence (social awareness and managing relationships with others) to engage and motivate employees effectively. …

1. Boss A (Best Boss)

  • Takes an active interest in me, listens to my perspectives and concerns
  • Is self-aware; open to feedback, has a sense of humor about himself – comes across as genuine
  • Inspires me around the goals of our organization; lays out a vision that I find consequential and energizing.
  • Provides feedback and support in a way that is encouraging and helpful; empowers me
  • Has a positive outlook, even tempered – even under stress

2. Boss B (Worst Boss)

  • Has his own agenda, keeps information to himself
  • Volatile, unpredictable
  • Critical – any feedback is negative
  • Goals or vision tend to be around numbers versus a meaningful purpose
  • Doesn’t listen well, is not really interested in my perspective or input
  • Takes all the credit, doesn’t acknowledge team contributions”

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