Dominated, commanded, controlled, owned

By Eric Bigelow via   Article

Employees are Colleagues, Not Assets

“A lot of organizations claim that employees are their greatest assets. To many this seems like a very profound way to view the employees. I disagree. I think that this terminology can be very harmful to organizational culture.

The word asset means ‘anything tangible or intangible that is capable of being owned or controlled to produce value.’ When this definition is dissected, there are two words within it that are cause for concern. The word ‘owned’ means ‘to have or possess as property’ and the word ‘controlled’ means ‘to exercise authoritative or dominating influence over.’ …

People do not want to be dominated, commanded, controlled or owned and viewing the employees as such will not reap a strong culture. Often this will beat people down and discourage participation, contribution and input. Continuous improvement has taught me to teach, coach, enthuse, create excitement and view the people as equals. …

A continuous improvement culture is based on these attitudes. Everyone is a fellow worker, a comrade. Everyone needs to be closely connected to the continuous improvement process. It needs to be a culture of service to customersexternal and internal.”


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