A good wolf and a bad wolf

By Danielle Blais via http://www.lean.org/LeanPost/   Article

Be Prepared to Change Your Habit

“So, why is it lean so hard? I think we all know what it’s like to want to find the quick answer or secret sauce to anything. Pick up any beauty magazine and it will tell you 10 ways to drop 10 pounds in a just few days. But how often do you come across an article that tells you how to keep 10 pounds off for life? The key idea here is sustainability. It’s the same thing with lean thinking and practice. Tools give you quick wins, but without disciplined practice and a management system in place to develop people and leadership capabilities, improvement projects quickly fall to the wayside. You quickly gain back those 10 pounds you were so excited to lose.

There’s a Native American story of two wolves that live inside everyone: a good wolf and a bad wolf. How do you know which wolf wins? The one you feed. A fellow staffer told me that by feeding the good wolf (for example, by exercising daily), there’s a greater chance you exercise again the next day. When you make an excuse, you feed the other wolf, the bad wolf, and there’s a much greater chance that you will fail to exercise the next day.

We keep 10 pounds off for life by changing our habits. By swapping unhealthy habits for healthy ones, we create new routines. What we’re doing is creating a structure for self-improvement.”


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