The Bob Chapman strategy

By Srikumar Rao via   Article

A Management Strategy That Will Blow Your Mind (and Lead to Massive Profits)

My Friend Has a Different Vision

My friend is in business because he wants to hire people and treat them superbly, pay them fairly, and bring out the best in them. He just happens to do this by becoming a “…diversified global supplier of manufacturing technology and services across a broad spectrum of industries…” In other words he makes machinery and sells consulting services.

It is possible that you have encountered a similar notion before. Greyston Bakery, for example, famously states that it bakes cakes so it can hire people. The people it hires are sometimes unemployable elsewhere because of arrest records, drug use, and the like. And it teaches them basic survival skills in employment, like show up on time, keep your word, and so on. But Greyston Bakery and others like it are on the fringes of business and classified as “do-gooders,” with their own rules. Nice to have around, but not really relevant. …

My friend is different. He runs a serious business that makes serious money. And he really is on a mission. A mission to change the social contract between a company and those who work in it. He believes, really believes, that we have a crisis of leadership in the world and the principal way this reveals itself is in the number of people who are disengaged in the workplace. …

I love the tagline he uses. “We Build GREAT People Who Do EXTRAORDINARY Things.”

And, let me tell you, it works. He takes companies that are bankrupt or nearly so and he turns them around. He does not fire anyone during downturns and he has seen plenty of these. I will tell you a lot more about his philosophy and the specific methods he uses in coming columns.”


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