Put on a mask

By Liz Ryan via linkedin.com   Article

Business with a Human Voice

“A great way to get a bead on the strangeness of the 2013 workplace is to stop and notice how similar work is to theatre. We can easily go to work every day, put on a mask and step into character without even realizing it. In bed at night we ask “Why in God’s name did I say that?” but we know the answer already: we said it because the words were in the script. We recite our lines because we have internalized – not necessarily consciously – the frame Work is a place where we don’t act like ourselves.

Deep in our cultural DNA is the idea that a job is a stage production where our employer calls the tune. That’s a frame we‘ve solidly planted around employees, not other professionals. …

We can remind ourselves at any moment that the formal, left-brained nature of business is a made-up thing. We can soften the edges any time. We can do it in our memos and the way we handle human issues. We can bring context into every conversation at work and stop writing policies. We can round off the square corners. We call that vision the Human Workplace.”


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