It isn’t about big words

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3 Core Principles of Great Leadership

“Being a great leader isn’t about big words. It’s about real action. A good leader makes inspiring speeches and has exciting ideas. But a great leader takes action. …

Act out your mission.

… Your company won’t fulfill its goals by posting its mission on the walls, and you won’t keep your employees motivated in the longterm with just a great speech. As a leader, your actions are what’s important. …

Invest in people over product.

An innovative product will help your company get ahead, but without employees who are committed and without customers who trust you, your product will go nowhere. ‘Great businesses aren’t built on products or services–they’re built on the people who create and use them’ …  It’s important to invest in your employees’ growth and character, as well as your customers’ happiness and satisfaction.

Make meaning the endgame.

Your employees need to believe they have meaning and feel like they are working for a greater good. Making money should never be your company’s ‘ultimate endgame’ … Successful CEOs rally their troops behind a mission. ‘If people don’t believe their work has meaning, they’ll either lose heart or find work elsewhere–at great cost to the companies that can’t keep them engaged.'”


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