Brainstorming Is not very creative

By Jeffrey Baumgartner via   Article

“Brainstorming is great fun, good for team building and a self-esteem builder. However, it does fail in one rather important way. It is not very good at providing you with creative ideas. It is even worse if you want a highly creative idea to implement. …

Three Intrinsic Flaws

Brainstorming has three serious flaws that prevent it from being very effective as an idea generation method: people shouting out ideas is less creative than people writing ideas individually; reserving judgement and prohibiting criticism reduces creativity; and decision makers tend to choose moderately creative ideas over highly creative ideas. … Let’s look at the research. …

Half of the groups followed Osborn’s method and collaborated to generate ideas. The other half were nominal groups in which each member simply wrote down ideas without interacting with others in the group. What Yale University found was that the nominal groups consistently had more ideas and more creative ideas than the brainstorming group. Each group followed the same rules and focused on the same problem statement. The only difference was whether they worked as a group or as individuals. …

The fundamental rule of brainstorming, of course, is that there is to be no criticism of ideas. Criticising ideas will hurt people’s feelings and inhibit them, preventing them from sharing creative ideas. This assumption sounds really good. But it is also flawed. Some researchers at University of California, Berkeley set up some brainstorming teams in three sets. … the teams specifically told to criticise ideas came up with the best results by far!”


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