Unlearning is harder than learning

By Dan Rockwell via Leadership Freak Blog   Article

My Favorite Mistake

“My favorite mistake is thinking I know when I don’t.

Knowing is great when I’m right. Sadly, I think I’m right nearly all the time. I make up my mind quickly because my way of thinking is the “right” way of thinking.

When I’m wrong, but think I know, I create an environment where those around me have to convince me I’m wrong. They have to help me unlearn.

Unlearning is harder than learning. …

Solving the problem of knowing:

  1. Reject the need to look like you know. Arrogance makes us know when we don’t.
  2. Ask first. When you think you know, open the door to other options with questions.
  3. Believe there’s more than one way to skin a cat. (Apologies to cat lovers.) I don’t like others telling me how to do my job. But, strangely, it’s ok for me to tell them how to do theirs.
  4. Aggressively seek feedback during and after projects. Just because things turned out right, doesn’t rule out the need for improvement.
  5. Withhold judgement. A decision is the end of thought. Once we decide we enter defense mode.”

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