Obsession, persistence, and focus

By John Edson via fastcodesign.com   Article

Apple’s Key To Innovation: Iterations, Not Just Breakthroughs

“From shareholders and analysts to fanboys and critics, no one can deny that it’s much more interesting when Apple announces the big things–the disruptions, the firsts–than when they merely improve their current products. It’s undeniable that when Apple comes out with a tectonic innovation that shifts industries, we sit up and take notice.

But the underestimated–and equally important–power behind Apple’s dominance is the foundational behaviors that lead to that game-changing breakthrough. Creating a charismatic brand is not about striving for the breakthrough, the novelty, or the headline. It’s often about the obsession, persistence, and focus to keep things simple, improve the details, and continue making technology a more seamless extension of ourselves.

While everyone wants to see industry disruptions, what a design mindset does for Apple is more about ‘going deep.’ …

In the context of so many companies that pump out novel technology products at an ever increasing pace hoping that something will stick, going deep has helped Apple build the brand because it supports the promise of making technology understandable to and desirable by everyone.

Parenthetically, it’s not just Apple. Nest made us care about a home thermostat by going deep into what technology could do for us. Tesla is changing century-old laws about how you can sell a car to make it better for customers. Southwest Airlines saves money while setting the standard for empowered human-to-human customer service. All these companies and others have iterated through design to find meaningful improvements, sometimes evolving and sometimes revolving without caring which.”


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