Not titles, coercion, manipulation, or force

By Ross Kimbarovsky via   Article

Lead By Example, Not By Title

“Leadership is not about titles, coercion, manipulation or force. …

As a leader, how can you inspire your team to do its best?

  • Lead by example at all times. You’re not a true leader merely because of your title.
  • Never stop learning – do whatever it takes to become a better leader.
  • Use the right words. What you say – and how you say it – as a leader always matters.
  • Appreciate differences. Use people’s differences as a source of strength for the team.
  • Motivate yourself. You cannot motivate others unless you motivate yourself.
  • Collaborate with your team to innovate instead of pushing ideas on them.
  • Empower people around you to succeed – give them responsibility and authority.
  • Treat others with compassion and respect. Don’t just tell them they are important. Showthem.
  • Promote a collaborative culture where everyone is a leader.

Great leaders inspire everyone on their team, regardless of title, to follow these principles.”


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