Seven exceptional choices

By Dan Rockwell via   Article

The Seven Choices of Exceptional Leaders

#1. Choose to be known for what’s in your heart.

Intelligence and skill matter most when they express your heart. Leaders who bypass their heart end up cold.

#2. Choose small now.

Don’t wait for dramatic. Don’t despise small steps that produce small results. Do something small rather than nothing at all. …

#3. Choose to develop people.

Your future is others. Without people the greatest program, project, or initiative dies. …

#4. Choose to help others do most of the things you do.

Work yourself out of jobs. Develop people who develop people, create programs, and solve problems. …

#5. Choose imperfect now over perfect later.

Launch – Fix – Re-launch – Repeat. Apologies to all the gasping perfectionists. …

#6. Choose to fuel fires.

… Pour gas on every flicker of passion you see. It won’t be long before the passions you fuel will consume the problems you fear.

#7. Choose to narrow your focus.

The greatest courage is the courage to say, ‘No,’ to things that matter less.”


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