Nothing to push against

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Standardisation and Climbing Ladders

“Climbing a ladder is straightforward…

  1. Put one foot on a rung
  2. Reach up the side rails one hand at a time (health and safety)
  3. Push yourself up with your leg
  4. Put your other foot on the next rung
  5. Repeat

Gradually you will climb higher and higher. The really important bit of this particular lesson in egg sucking is that without any rungs you have nothing to push against, so you won’t be able to climb any further.

Process Improvement is a lot like climbing a ladder

But instead of having rungs to push against you have standards.  If you don’t create and use operating standards then you have nothing to push against and so no way of moving forward.

Process improvement without standards is a bit like trying to swim up-hill… futile.”


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